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Smart Objects Master Class Study Course

This series is an educational experience designed to teach you exciting techniques from a professional photographer's point. Learn what a Smart Object is and when and why you'll want to learn how it works.

There are 6 sections and 21 sessions covering over 2 hours of education that include: Establishing smart objects, Linked and non-linked smart objects, Enhancement techniques, Double smart processing, Smart filters, jump into the smart object rabbit hole, merge up for pixel works, and changing content. Some of the techniques are developed over the years for a variety of enhancements.

Anyone who uses Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop should know smart object workflows. It's only for those special winning images where only the finest quality and control are needed.

As an educator for over 30 years in photography, workflow, and color management I've had the honor of traveling the world teaching workshops, seminars, and consulting at every level. This course is a re-release from Photoshop 6.0. Click here to join in on the fun...!


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