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Lume Cube AIR - A great light source...

In my equipment bag you'll find a series of Lume Cube lighting, along with a host of specialized connectors, filters and modifiers. I've used the original Lume Cubes at 70' underwater and for a host of commercial projects. It's a main light or an accessory light that makes lighting commercial sets, people, places inside and out, easy and with remote control. I can now use lighting in low places where it's impossible to get other lights to fit.

Now, with the new Lume Cube AIR, this brings yet another level of possibilities. Wireless remote control with multiple cubes independently, waterproof to 30', quarter-20 mount ready, and it's 400 LUX @ 1m with 5600 Kelvin color and accessories to filter color and it is only 2 ounces.

Excited to get my new Lume Cube AIR's and put them to work... Check em out here...

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