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ULTIMATE Magazine 6 Page Spread

Ultimate Air Shuttle's November/December 2018 magazine issue features a 6 page spread Sky's The Limit, Drone Imaging Perspective in the TECHNOLOGY section. Story and photos by Eddie Tapp.

It is a great honor to have my work in a this publication and share my passion with anyone interested in knowing more about flying drones and perhaps an inside peak to what's involved as a professional photographer to use drone imaging in todays world.

The topics include information on maintaining control and important information on safety directives, getting legal with the FAA, getting protected with the proper type of insurance, obtaining certification for those who want to fly commercially along with suggestions on getting started with a tiny drone for experience and even going professional.

All in all it's a fun profession or hobby to create stunning imagery from the air and having knowledge about the National Air Space is paramount for safety for everyone.

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