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New Feature in Adobe Lightroom - Adobe Profiles

The April 2018 update for Adobe Photoshop 19.1.3 and Adobe Lightroom 7.3 with Adobe Camera Raw 10.3 have outstanding new features that will allow custom processing for a variety of looks easier and quicker than ever before. the New Adobe Profiles are built right into the basic Develop module in Lightroom and the basic control tab in Adobe Camera Raw. These profiles, unlike ICC or camera profiles are the results of a variety of settings and looks created from the develop module and then saved as an icon preview are in fact LUTs or look up tables.

Choose one of the options from the Profile pane in the Basic controls and use the twirl down triangle to find a series of presets ready to use. Create and save your own presets here and you can download a host of other presets from the web. When you position your cursor over the preset icon, it will give you an immediate visual on your image, simply click to apply.

The Profiles selected in Lightroom are changeable or removable as any other adjustment in Lightroom. Among other improvements in the new update are the ever so requested move of the Dehaze slider is now moved to the Basic Panel in both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

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