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Lume Cube has the coolest contest going for everyone to win free stuff while making the earth cooler and greener. Read these details and get involved...

- To celebrate the beginning of autumn, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our #CARE4CUBES Tree Planting Campaign. For every $100 spent on we will be planting two trees in deforested, poverty stricken areas thanks to the help of the great people at WeForest.

Through training, forestry best practice and community engagement, WeForest restores degraded forests with positive impacts for: carbon storage, climate mitigation and adaptation, the restoration of water, biodiversity and soil, poverty alleviation, and the empowerment of women.

So as we do our part of reforesting the earth, we encourage others to take action as well. For the next 30-days Lume Cube will be hosting the #CARE4CUBES Photo & Video Contest. The theme is nature and the rules are simple: use your Lume Cube creatively out in the “field”, upload the beautiful content to Instagram, mention #CARE4CUBES + #MAKINGEARTHCOOLER in the caption, and at the end of the 30 days the best photo + video winners will receive free cubes. You could light paint a canyon for an epic long exposure landscape shot, or mount some cubes to your board for a sunset surf video. We just want to see everyone using their cubes in ways that exemplify the beauty of this wonderful place we call home.-

Buy 2 Lume Cubes that you will use for thousands of images and go out to create something green, have fun and make the earth a better place click HERE for more info!

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