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1000 Merits

It is a great honor to have been a part of the Professional Photographers of America (the largest photographic association in the world) since 1974 where I am now a Life Member. I have served as chairman of the Digital and Advanced Imaging Committee in the ‘90s along with serving on Council then among other elected and volunteering duties.

PPA has showered me with many awards and honors over the decades and recently in 2019 received the Technology Impact Award among the most revered scientist, innovators, photographers and software gurus in the industry of photography, I remain truly beside myself.

My entire career I have been a professional photographer and have shared my experiences with my peers, individuals, corporations, government agencies and military departments in the education of photography, digital workflows and even today continue to work as a photographer (semi-retired), consultant, coach and educator.

Today, I received a new bar from PPA along with a letter from PPA President Jeffery Dachowski honoring me with a 1000+ Bar for obtaining that many merits over my career for attending educational venues, teaching, and print competition. This is a great honor for me and a significant achievement in my career. In the letter I was informed that only 8 other PPA members currently hold this honor. I am elated and excited to be recognized this way and very proud to have been a part of PPA during my career.


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